Junior Squad

The junior squad, is a racing squad, and aims for all juniors to train for and compete at appropriate Head or Regatta Races, with crews being selected to ensure all targets are realistic and achievable.

All will be encouraged to enter local events, when they have achieved a level of sufficient competence (as decided by the Chief Junior Coach). In addition, high performance athletes will aim to attend:
• Schools Head of the River (J16 and above)
• National Schools Regatta
• National Championships
• Henley Royal Regatta (J17/18 boys and girls)
• Henley Women’s Regatta (J16/17/18 girls)

The Chief Junior Coach will encourage any Junior that may be of the standard to participate in selection trials for the Thames Region South Interregional Team, and British Junior International teams selected each year from J16-18 year groups. This identification will be made from the J15 year onwards. International teams included are the Great Britain Junior team, the Coupe De Jeunesse and the GB France match.

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