Weybridge Head – Saturday 22 January

Thursday 20th – Boat loading (4.30pm at Walbrook RC)

Jess Hannah Anusha Scarlet, reserve Daisy – load walrunnings

Ben Ben Ollie Tom F – load boys quad

Tom C and Josh – load jewel

Dan and Phillippe – load walrus

Eve Lily WJ18 2x – load kwality toby jenny

Grace Kate WJ16 2x – load kwality toby jenny

J14- 12 girls  Amelia Isobel Zoe Sophia Hana (Wj14 4x+ div 1) Cara Aviana div 1  – load walverine and Gordon Smith,

J12-14 boys   Yassin, Will, Oscar, Danny, Tadhg, James C, Matrco, Huxley, James P – load Diane Graham  Wonderwal Firewal

You MUST attend for boat loading / unloading as above– the coaches can’t do this themselves and it’s all part of racing. If you cannot attend it is up to you to find a sub. Please bring your rigger jigger.


Saturday, 22nd January – Weybridge Head – Crews and Divisions:

Location: Walton Rowing Club – Sunbury Lane, KT12 2JA

Division 1 starts at 10.30 arrive 8.30 to rig the boat allocated to you – bring your rigger jigger

Division 2 starts at 1.00 arrive 11 if you have a boat to rig, otherwise 11.45

Parking is best at Elmbridge Leisure Centre (Excel) KT12 2JG – allow time to walk down on the tow path. There is good viewing all the way along the course but a good view is had from the Desborough Cut Bridge at the bottom of Walton lane, as you can watch the crews approach, then cross to the other side and watch them scull away.

All Div 2 crews will load their boats and blades. Please DO NOT ask to go before your boat and blades and riggers are loaded. If everyone simply derigs and goes then there is a lot of work to do for the remaining few. Due to the way we have to load the trailer you may have to wait to put your blades and riggers in.

You will need warm clothes as you will be marshalling for quite a while – so wear layers and leggings as well as your racing kit. You will get cold!

Have spare kit to put on whilst we load the trailer in case it’s raining or your other kit gets wet. You can’t have enough kit with you!

Division 1 starts at 10.30am (arrive 8.30) Division 2 starts at 1pm
(arrive 11am / 11.45 if have no boat to rig)
CrewEventArrive timeUnload and Rig BoatBoating Time estDerig and load boat
1Amelia, Zoe, Isabel, Hana  cox SophiaWJ14 4x+8.30Yes Diane Graham9.30No
1Aviana CaraWJ14 2x8.30Yes Jenny9.45no
1Gabby JuliaWJ15 2x8.30Yes Toby9.30No
1Will, Louis, Max Ruggero cox EllaJ15 4x+8.30Yes Firewal9.30No
1Josh Rudi Jake Atholl cox FrancescaJ15 4x+8.30Yes Gordon Smith9.30No
1Eve LilyWJ17 2x8.30Yes Kwality9.45Yes
1Ben Ben Tom F OliverJ18 4x-8.30Yes10.00Yes
2Jess Hannah Anusha Scarlet (reserve Daisy)WJ4x-11.00Yes12.15Yes
2Kate GraceWJ16 2x11.00No12.15Yes Kwality
2Tom C JoshJ17 2x11.00Yes Jewal12.15Yes
2Dan PhillippeJ18 2x11.00Yes Walrus12.15Yes
2Yassin Will Oscar Danny cox TadghJ14 4x+11.00Yes Wonderwal12.30Yes Firewal
2James  C marco Huxley James P CoxJ14 4x+11.00Yes Walverine12.30Yes Walverine
2Alex W GiacomoJ15 2x11.45No12.30Yes Jenny
2Robert RaphJ15 2x11.45No12.30Yes  Toby
2Issie Gemma Tilly Lottie cox GabbyWJ15 4x+11.45No12.15Yes  Diane Graham
2Lara Ava Cara E Eva cox JuliaWJ15 4x+11.45No12.15Yes Gordon Smith
2Maja Rose Olivia Isla cox HemioneWJ15 4x+11.45No12.15Yes Firewal

We are committed to pay for the entry and so if you drop out then we will charge you the whole crew entry fee, unless the reason is Covid (supported by test result), in which case the whole  crew will pay their share. 


Sunday 23rd – Boat unloading:

8am Sunday all J16 -18 to unload coxless quads, plus kwality and Firewal and rig

10.15 Sunday – all J15 to unload and rig – Wonderwal, Gordon Smith, Diane Graham Walverine Jenny Toby

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